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9 Parts of Desire
By Heather Raffo

Performance History


2009- Playmakers Rep

Directed by Emily Ranii



Fusion Theatre- New Mexico

Theatertage Festival- Hanau, Germany

Center Stage Theatre- Santa Barbara, California

Lillian Theatre-Los Angeles, Calfornia

Breathtaking! Ms. Huffman is magnificent in this eloquent tome

Casa Magazine


An incredibly rich experience! What a powerful way to convey the humanity of the tragedies we perpetrate. Elizabeth Huffman is amazing and has a gift for the bringing real relationships and history to her characters 

Candace Shermerhorn 

Santa Barbara audience member


Elizabeth Huffman is charismatic enough to fully hold one’s attention through the strenuous 90-minute tour de force of monologues from the nine characters, achieving a distinct voice for each- and-beyond the rage and sorrow- catches the magisterial poetics of the writing.                                                      

Chapel Hill News Review, North Carolina


Ms. Huffman’s ability to jump from one person to another within the glimpse of an eye was both surprising and astonishing. Each time when the story would change, from a desperate mother losing her child during a bomb attack that pounded the audience, to the next tale of bored young girl forced to stay at home in fear for her life, to a disillusioned doctor, to a whiskey-drinking political exile,  it caught us and kept us focused. There was no doubt about the genuineness of the play, so after literally taking part in Iraqi life, after the show, one was sobered by finding himself back in reality again. Ms. Huffman's performance was one of the most profound and touching plays of my latest theatre experiences.I highly recommend watching her on stage, where ever the occasion might be given

Julian Tresowski“   Magma Theater Berlin”,

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