“Elizabeth is a superb teacher!” 

-Alfred Molina, Actor


"Her most accomplished professional colleagues respect and love her; her young students, I think, would follow her to the barricades."

-Frank Dwyer: Director, Dramaturg, Actor, Author


"Elizabeth is committed to excellence, possesses tremendous knowledge of US and European theatre"

-Dr. Olga Sanchez Saltveit

Artistic Director Emeritus, Milagro Theatre

Audition Coaching 


You can also book online coaching sessions with me to work on a specific audition speech or scene. My clients have consistently booked gigs after working with me in theatre, film, and television.


I have worked with actors all over the world and I guarantee you that I can help you to confidently ace your next audition.

Cost: $100.00 per hour.


Payments can be made through:


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Fear of Shakespeare Master Intensive

This intensive course consists of 10 private two-hour-long sessions. We can set a time that works for you, no matter where we both are in the world, and you can work with me from the comfort of your home.

​You will learn to master the technique of identifying the acting clues that Shakespeare embedded in his structural forms. These clues are there for the actor to quickly understand and directly connect to the character.


In other words... you become a Sherlock Holmes-like text detective. It is easy and really fun.

By the end of the intensive, we will have worked on an audition speech that I have picked just for you so you are ready to book that acting job or ace your acting school audition.


I will email you a workbook that we will use in class and all you will need is a relatively good command of English, lots of enthusiasm, a pen and a notebook!

We can use whatever video platform works best for you: Skype, FaceTime, Whatsup, etc.


This course is guaranteed to give you all the tools you need to play Shakespeare with confidence and skill!

Cost for all 10 sessions: $1,200