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Amor Añejo
Written and Directed by Elizabeth Huffman
Milagro Theatre, Portland, OR

Production notes

Written and directed by Elizabeth Huffman, Amor Añejo was comissioned and produced for Milagro theatre's annual el Día de los Muertos production. 


Like a finely aged tequila, the love of long-lasting romance is sweet and heady. Hector and Rosalita's journey is full of highs and lows but they hold hands on the ride for decades, until the very last drop. Until one crosses over to el otro lado, the other side… That’s when Bombón steps in, the shape-shifter of the underworld, Huéhuécoyotl, to guide their hearts back to the place where death can never part them, in memories and dance, on el Día de Muertos.




Yolanda Porter


Ricardo Ortega


Johnnie Torres

Laura Di Mare

Yesenia Lopez

Carlos  Adrian Mangano

Production Team

Production Manager

Rachele Holm



Kyra Sanford


Rachele Holm


Amber Black


Jared Jonas

Stage Manager

Abby Morgan


Olga Sanchez

Review Quotes


"This is a lovely re-telling and re-imagining of this “tale as old as time.” The set is very versatile and the ensemble cast even more so. They are excellent in re-creating various family members and friends from their lives, as well as the various incarnations of the spirits themselves. Huffman has done an amazing job of finding just the right cast, as well as simplifying the settings so that the story and characters take center stage. There are moments of dance, humor, song, music, tragedy… all aspects of a person’s life, so easily identifiable to everyone.”
– Dennis Sparks Reviews

“Amor Añejo’s fullness of spirit makes it an unmissable play. At once profoundly soulful and gloriously silly… Amor Añejo eschews formulaic plotting in favor of a more naturalistic, anecdotal approach. (...) Like so many of Milagro’s plays, it is witty, colorful and impassioned.”
– Bennett Campbell Ferguson, Oregon ArtsWatch

“Huffman renders the lives of two lovers evocatively, capturing the fullness of love and the passion, humor, heartbreak and mundane moments that make it up. It's only by grappling with the totality of lost love that we can move through grief, to see that it is never over, it is only transformed.”
– TJ Acena, The Oregonian

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