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Classical Theatre Lab


 Stuart W Howard & Carlos Carrasco in The Liars

The Classical Theatre Lab, originally started by Alan Mandel and Roger Hendricks Simon in 1990 at LATC in downtown Los Angeles, is still in operation. Elizabeth became an Artistic Coordinator from 1997-2004.


Meeting every Monday night, the lab produced a large number of projects ranging from staged readings to workshop productions and full productions. Under Elizabeth's leadership the lab produced full productions including The Iliad with 32 actors, Trojan Women at the Getty, a celebrated Hamlet with Robert Beltran, La Celestina with Yvonne Coll, Dumas starring Ron Canada, The Libertine, The Liars, The Rehearsal and much more. 


CTL also had a large outreach program traveling to many schools and senior centers. We had a membership of over 75 professional actors and directors with the focus of our work primarily on classical theatre.


The lab celebrated a membership of astonishing professional actors including Phillip Baker Hall, Alfred Molina, Ron Canada, and Robert Beltran, plus an impressive array of guest moderators such as Patrick Stewart, Roger Rees, Lynn Redgrave, Olympia Dukakis, and Alan Rickman to name a few.

The lab is still meeting, now on Tuesdays, in Hollywood.



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