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Mask & Myth Workshops


Through universal gestures, masks and precise movement, very complex stories based on the Greek Myths are worked on without words.


The actor focuses on the details of moment-to-moment storytelling, the way their body or the group's spatial dynamic can communicate emotional stories


Discover the arc of how a story is constructed through Viewpoints and other exercises.

We work on comic, romantic, and tragic myths. 



Fun & Interactive!

These workshops are great for large or small groups, festivals, schools, theatre companies

Great for all ages and languages

I will tailor the workshop to suit your organization's needs!





Learn about the stock characters of the Commedia dell' arte, their history, the masks associated with each of them and what kind of physical and characteristic behavior inhabits those masks.


We will also apply the masks to improvised scenarios and if there is the time we work on scripted plays from texts from Gli Intronati & Moliere!



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