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By Dennis Clontz
ICAP Theatre, Los Angeles and Hanau, Germany


Selected to represent the USA at an international theatre festival created in Germany to celebrate the 16 countries coming to participate in the 2006 World Cup Soccer event.


Set in an abandoned burnt barn in 1908  in a rural area outside of San Fransico following the devastating earthquake, three women from vastly different backgrounds find themselves lying apart among the ruins. As they wake up and warily become aware of each other, they discover charred remains of a woman covered and laid in a wheelbarrow. Each woman lays claim to that body; all of them having recently been through a life and death crisis involving a male lover.


The question of suicide hangs in the air as the women force each other to confront the truth through the night breath. Are they all dead? Or do they make it through the night of pain and recollection to see the light the next morning? The play asks the question but leaves each viewer to decide for themselves who and what they are. Evocative, haunting, funny and moving, this beautiful play was a hit of the 2006 Playoff Festival.




Nick Ortega


Woman 1

Jai Khalsa


Woman 2

Maria Pasquarelli


Woman 3

Caitlin Prennace



Director and Production Designer

Elizabeth Huffman


Stage Manager

Morgan Lariah


Sound Designer

Kevin Rittner



Night Breath.jpg
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