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By David Mamet
Jane, A Theatre Company, Portland, OR

Production Notes 

David Mamet's biting satire about an American president whose popularity is at an all time low and it is election time. Willing to anything to ensure that he gets re-elected and so receives his coveted Presidential library, Charles H.P. Smith is a desperate man. Turkey blessings gone wrong, Native American faux pas, and lesbian marriages on the table, it is all he can do to get through the day. Hilarious, irreverent and sharp in true Mamet fashion this production was mounted by an upcoming new company in Portland: Jane, a Theatre Company with a tight ensemble headed by the excellent Brian Harcourt  as the bumbling President. The show was a critical success enjoying a highly successful run for the young new company.


Review: November

Oregon Live

By: Richard Wattenberg



President Charles H.P. Smith

Brian Harcourt


Archer Brown

Corey Brunish


Clarice Bernstein

Kim Bogus


The Turkey Representative

Lior Zadek


Dwight Grackle

Nathan Dunkin





Elizabeth Huffman


Stage Manager

D.J. Harris


Assistant Stage Manager

Kathryn Sullivan


Set Designer

James Sharinghousen


Lighting Designer

Brian Guerrero


Sound Designer

Gordon Romei


Props Designer

Caitlin Nolan


Video Designer

Kaila Edtl

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