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By Henry Arthur Jones
CTL, Lee Strasberg Theatre, Los Angeles


The rarely produced 1895 classic comedy Henry Arthur Jones' play The Liars was a justifiable hit in its day even earning the approval the rival playwright and severe critic, George Bernard Shaw.


This delightfully witty play follows the social set of London who are scandalized when the beautiful and spirited Lady Jessica, wife of a prominent member of society, is on the verge of risking her marriage and reputation for the love of the handsome and dashing soldier Ed Faulkner who has recently returned from a heroic career in India. The only one who does not see her dancing on the edge of the precipice is her constantly pre-occupied husband.


Caught by her sister in a compromising private dinner with her lovesick soldier, the two women concoct a lie that soon snowballs out of control, eventually involving her entire family and friends to all of their extreme discomfort and our delight.  The final act is spellbinding and suprising as their wise friend Sir Christopher Deering takes control of the situation. 





Sir Christopher Deering

Ken Danzinger


Lady Jessica Nepean

Sarah Larsen


Edward Faulkner

Michael James Reed



Nick Salamone


George Nepean

Michael R. Fife


Gilbert Nepean

Ken Meseroll


Lady Rosamund Tatton

Caryn West


Archibald Coke

Carlos Carrasco


Freddie Tatton

Stuart W. Howard


Beatrice Ebernoe

Jean Gilpin


Mrs. Crespin

Geraldine Singer


Dolly Coke

Miranda Viscoli




Elizabeth Huffman


Lighting Desiger

Deena Lynn Mullen


Set and Costume Design

Elizabeth Huffman


Sound Designer

Kent Minault


Production Stage Manager

Wally Moran

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