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By Sir George Villiers
CTL, Park LaBrea Theatre, Los Angeles


Sir George Villiers ourtageous Restoration satire has been described by Ms. Huffman as The Monty Python of Restoration comedy and it remains one of her favorite productions.


Set inside a Restoration theatre, two gentleman, one from the city and one from the country, are invited to watch a rehearsal of a play by the latest flavor of the month, the self described genius Mr. Bayes. He is the only person who knows what the play is about, certainly the actors in the play have no idea and neither do the spectators, but they all gamely try to embrace Mr. Bayes vision for spectacle. The two men repeatedly interrupt the rehearsal to ask Mr. Bayes why he includes such seemingly nonsensical scenes to which he replies: "Why? Why?!.....Because it is NEW!" 


With hilarious songs and music by the incomparable Jonathan Sacks and featuring some of the best of the CTL's classical actors, led by the brilliant Matt K Miller as Mr. Bayes, these veterans pulled down their breeches, put pies on their heads, rode hobby horses, sang, danced and killed each other with complete abandon to bring to life of the silliest satires on theatre ever written.



Mr. Bayes

*Matt K Miller


Mr. Johnson

*Carlos Carrasco


Mr. Smith

*Michael James Reed


Player/ King of Brentford/Cardinal

*Kent Minault


Player/ The Other King of Brentford/Cardinal

Michael R Fife



*Nancy Jeris


Player/Gentleman Usher

*Neil Larsen


Player/Prince Prettyman

Will Dixon


Player/ Amaryllis/Lightning

Sarah Larsen


Player/ Prince Volscious

*Stuart W Howard


Player/Pallas/ Earth

Marianne Ferrari



Kent Rogers


Player/ Cloris/Moon

Rachel Errington






Elizabeth Huffman


Set & Lighting Design

Mia Torres


Costume/Prop Design

Elizabeth Huffman



Jonathan Sacks


Production Stage Manager

Sonja Wenger


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