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Welcome to my new website!

Welcome to my new is taking forever but I hope you like it!

I am in New Mexico performing in a very wild new play called The Year of the Rooster by Eric Dufault for the Fusion Theatre. I am also designing the costumes for this show where I get to create two fighting roosters and a sexy chicken! And I get to play an old lady in her nightgown for the entire play! These are the things I get paid to do! How crazy and fun is that?!

I am also trying to get this new website up and running. It takes forever to build and with the help of my friend Caitlin we think we have a good start. So much more to add and figure out but that will come as I get used to this program. And we all know I am not the most tech sauvvy person in the universe.

Until then I am happily playing in Albuquerque New Mexico until Nov. 24 then I head back to Portland to begin directing Mary Stuart by Peter Oswald with an amazing cast and production crew. Talk to you all real soon

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