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A mad Asylum and a new solo show!

Hey everyone

It has been a while since I updated this blog, so here is an overview of the the year to date. It has been a very busy few months.

First in February 2016, I created The Asylum, a classical acting gym for the professional actor, inviting in over 50 actors from Portland to its membership. The lab is an extremely diverse group of actors who will form the casting pool for my new company Chain Reaction...yes it is still in development! The Asylum just presented on July 11 & 12th a Tennessee Williams at the Asylum Festival with over 38 actors participating. It was a blast of scenes, speeches , music and at least 18 different people playing TW as he introduced each scene with from his essays, poems and memoirs. We totally sold out, the company received standing ovations and it was a great way to introduce the lab to the world. We are on hiatus for August and will resume sessions on Sunday nights in our new location at the Milagro Theatre.

I also guest starred on the TNT show The Librarians which will air this fall...I had a blast doing that episode and THEN I also wrote a new revisionist solo play of all things called The Re- Imagining of French Gray by the Displaced Woman...a long title for a short 45 minute play!

I will be premiering in Portland at the Milagro Theatre on Friday August 26, Saturday August 27 at 7:30 and Sunday August 28 at 2pm. and THEN I am traveling with my director Louanne Moldovan and my fellow colleague Ithica Tell (who will run sound for me) to two cities in Germany, can you believe that?!

Once again I was invited to perform at Theatertage Festival in Hanau on October 1st and, this is exciting, I will also perform for the first time at the Bremer Shakespeare Company on October 6th & 8th! Also in Bremen we will be working shopping with members of their company my other play Bon Ton Roulet at the Shakespeare Cafe during the week we are there! So how cool is that?!

The play, The Re-Imagining of French Gray by the Displaced Woman, is based on Josef Bush's 1967 play French Gray about Marie Antoinette who is an hour away from her execution. I re-envisioned the play through the immediate experience of The Displaced Woman, a Syrian refugee who like Marie, has lost everything due to a bloody civil war. It is my hope to play it around the world and this is just the beginning!

So that is my news. I will be in New York, London, Germany and maybe Dublin from September 14- October 15th so I will write again after I get back to let you all know how it went!

Wish me luck!

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